Bengalgram Price

  • For the months of December, January and February there was a positive correlation between arrivals and prices.
  • Arrivals started increasing from the month of December and attained peak in May. During this period the prices also showed an increasing trend upto February and then started declining.
  • Peak period of arrivals were seen in May (2480.50 qtl) and lean period November (Rs. 1292.50 per qtl)
  • Prices were highest for the month of February (5614.07 qtl) and lowest in the month of July (4474.98 Rs/qtl)

  • With respect to Amaravati market, more or less stable prices were observed for all the months.
  • Arrivals were peak in February (20349.00 qtl) and lean in December (849.00 qtl) during which the prices were maximum (4095.19 Rs/qtl) respectively.
  • Prices recorded lowest during June (Rs.3158 per qtl)

  • Peak arrivals were recorded during the month of February (8570.00 qtl), which eventually started declining and lowest arrivals were recorded during December (503 qtl).
  • However, the price trend indicated that there was a decline in prices from January till June. The peak price was recorded during the month of December (4757.12 Rs/qtl)

  • Prices in the Tonk market did not show major fluctuations during the period.
  • Arrivals started increasing from January and reached peak during May (10883.40 qtl). They further started declining and were lowest during February (292.80 qtl)

  • Major arrivals in Ashok nagar market were observed in April (10216.30 qtl) during which the prices were lower (3149.13 Rs/qtl)
  • January recorded lowest arrivals i.e 2634.81 qtl
  • Prices were more or less stable throughout the year

  • Gorakhpur Market : Prices showed an increasing trend from October to July and started declining from March to September.
  • Amaravati & Gulbarga Market : From the month of July to January, prices were found to be increasing and a decreasing trend was observed from February to June.
  • Tonk markets : the prices started increasing from July till Dec and thereafter started decreasing until June.
  • Ashok Nagar Market : major fluctuations were not observed during the period and the prices were more or less stable.

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