Redgram Price


Redgram is commonly known as Tur or Arhar in India and is the second important pulse crop in the country after gram (chana). The ability of redgram to produce high economic yields under soil moisture deficit makes it an important crop in rainfed and dry land agriculture. World major redgram producing countries are India (37.50 lakh tonnes), Myanmar (6.76 lakh tonnes), Malawi (4.34 lakh tonnes), Tanzania (3.15 lakh tonnes) and Haiti (0.87 lakh tonnes). 

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All India target for Redgram procurement has been fixed at around 5.5 lakh MT. NAFED has purchased 4402.05 MT Redgram on MSP in Telangana. Pressure might be felt in February and prices may decrease to Rs. 4700-4800. At this level, investors may be active. Stake holders can stock it for two months and may sell it at good profit. From May month onwards pressure from import might be seen. It may restrict uptrend in the market price. Crop condition is good in Myanmar.

Under these circumstances, Agricultural Market Intelligence Centre, PJTSAU expect that red gram is likely to trade in price range between Rs. 5300 - 5500 per quintal in the month of December 2020.